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Casino Holdem

Online machine Casino Hold’em was introduced by NetEnt in 2016. The basis was taken as a classic poker game by the rules of Hold’em. The game is played with a full deck of 52 cards. The game does not involve Jokers. This is an automatic draw, where the opponent is not a real person, but a virtual dealer. His function is performed by the MSG, and the lost money goes to the casino. Winning combinations are collected by the rules of Texas Hold’em. Cards are dealt in the same way as the bidding. The end result is the real feeling of playing in the hall of a respectable casino with well-groomed professional croupiers.

How to play Hold’em Casino

The rules are clear for those who are already familiar with classic Texas Hold’em. Newcomers can learn them in the information section. But even if something does not stick in your memory, do not worry: the system will not let you do the forbidden action rules. In general terms, they look like this:

  • In front of the gambler there is a poker table, on which the cells for the player’s cards and the dealer, as well as the general open cards are arranged. To start the draw, you have to put on Ante from 1 coin. After you need to start the game by clicking on the Surrender button.
  • In the first stage, the player and the dealer get 2 cards each. The gambler sees his, but does not know the dealer’s hand. Another 3 cards are laid out on the table, from which to make combinations. If the player sees no prospect of winning, he can press the Pass, lose the bet and stop bidding. For convenience, all open cards are sorted in descending order.
  • If you want to continue the game you need to double the existing bet and put twice the amount on the Call field.
  • At the next stage, the dealer adds 2 more common cards. Bidding after each of them is not conducted. Therefore, the dealer’s cards are opened immediately.
  • The system automatically determines the strongest combinations in the player and the dealer. If the gambler’s hand is stronger, the user receives an amount in accordance with the payout table. Weak hand leads to the loss of all towers involved in the drawing.

After that, a new round of poker can be started. It follows exactly the same rules and schemes as the previous ones. Already after a few rounds the mechanics of the game is memorized and does not cause any discomfort.

Payouts and winnings

The system automatically calculates the player’s winnings according to the collected combination. The most expensive in this poker game is considered to be the Flush Royal. This is a sequence of 5 high cards of the same suit. For it, the player will receive a prize in the ratio of 100:1. A straight flush is also highly valued. It is worth 20:1. It is any sequence of 5 cards of the same suit. You can always see the payout table on the left side of the game table.

The table takes into account the Ante bet. In case of winning Call is paid 1:1 without reference to the value of the winning combination.

Fair play and demo mode in Casino Hold’em

To ensure particularity of each draw, a full deck is used in all rounds. It is shuffled before the deal. Specific cards are determined by a random number generator (RNG). Neither the casino nor the players can not affect its work. Consequently, every hand can be considered as honest as possible.

Developer NetEnt is not stingy with demos. Casino Hold’em is no exception. In the game, you can use virtual coins just to have fun without the prospect of withdrawing winnings. To run the demo mode does not even need registration on the casino site. To bet virtual coins are issued, not tied to a specific currency.

The demo mode also allows you to explore the slot machine without risk to your wallet. This is beneficial because in the future the gambler will know exactly what strategy is considered the most profitable in this variation of poker. And betting with money will become profitable with minimal losses.

Successful tactics and strategies in the game Casino Hold’em

There is no single guaranteed poker tactic. It is more of a fun game using real money than an effective way to make money. Nevertheless, you should not discard such a game for your leisure time. It not only allows you to scroll money, but also develops a person’s intellectual abilities. Thus, one should be able to predict well and calculate probable combinations in order to win more often and lose less and less.

Despite the impossibility of thinking out a strategy for a guaranteed win, professionals have some effective tips:

  1. Play in demo mode. He reveals all the features of the gameplay.
  2. Set loss limits. The desire to win back at any cost leads to even greater losses.
  3. Study the strategies and tactics of professional poker players. They have already calculated the mathematical probabilities of winning at certain layouts.

Gambling entertainment does not like emotionalism. As soon as common sense begins to give up, it is better to stop the game and return to it with a cool head.

Where to play Casino Hold’em

Company NetEnt is considered one of the most reputable in the world of gambling. She trusted the users of online casinos. It is for virtual gaming sites and the provider supplies its development. You can only play for money at online casinos. Fortunately, many sites work with the provider NetEnt and place its slot machines.

How to start playing Casino Hold’em at online casinos?

First, you need to choose a gambling establishment. They differ in design, the number of games in the catalog, bonus policy, payment systems and other nuances. Determine your choice will help users and expert reviews on profile sites. As soon as the account at the online casino is created, you can move on to poker:

  • Log in to your personal account. If the casino site is blocked by the provider, you need to use a mirror or services that change the user’s IP address.
  • Finding a game in the catalog is not difficult. You can go to the section with pokers, search by developer or enter the official name in the search bar. There are not many pokers in the casino, so it will not be difficult to find the right machine.
  • Choose the mode in which the bets will be made. For the demo version it is not necessary to have real money on the account. The system will issue a virtual credit. If the bets will be real, the deposit must have a positive balance.
  • Making the first payments to the account is not difficult. To do this, the casino has a special section of the cashier, which painted all the available methods. As a rule, the time of crediting is from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes.

All, no other obstacles to bet money player should not arise. If, however, at some point there will be difficulties, you can always ask for help from support.

How to download Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em game does not exist as a separate program. The machine can not be downloaded and installed just like that. He always integrates into the system online casinos. That is how you can install the game on both your computer and mobile device. Provided a stable connection to the Internet, the game will work without interruption as effectively as in the browser version of the virtual gambling club.

How to play the mobile version of the site online casinos

An alternative to the game via PC will be the browser version for smartphones. To use it, you need:

  • The device itself to run the program.
  • Stable access to the Internet.
  • Go to the site of the selected casino and authorize in your personal cabinet.
  • Replenish the in-game account for betting with real currency.
  • Find and run the game itself from the catalog of the online establishment.

All, no more difficulties with the game should not arise. The machine supports technology that allows you to run it on popular mobile platforms.

Alternatively, you can download the casino program itself to your Android and iPhone smartphone. To do this, you need to clarify whether a particular institution has its own application. If there is, you can start installing it:

  1. Go to the casino through the browser on a particular device.
  2. Download the installation file.
  3. Run it.
  4. Authorize in the system and start betting on the machine.

This method is preferable to the mobile version, as it gives more stable results with minimum traffic consumption.

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