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Neon roulette

Game description of Neon Roulette

Neon Roulette is a popular electronic roulette game that appeared in 2016. Simple and clear design, accessibility, availability of free demo mode made the game popular and in demand all over the world. The maximum coefficient that is present in the game today is x36. This means that the user has the opportunity to multiply his bet by 36 times and get his winnings, if it turns out to be correct.

The main idea of the developers of the project is that the game imitates the classic European roulette and gives a chance to feel one of the visitors of the elite establishment.

Casino – how to play correctly

Who loves European roulette knows all the subtleties of this gambling entertainment. The whole essence of the game is that the user needs to correctly predict the approximate or exact location of the ball, after the wheel of fortune is stopped. If he succeeds, the player will get a plus to his deposit. By making several positive bets, the user can withdraw a good cache.

The initial bet starts at 5 rubles, and the maximum is 15,000 rubles. Absolutely all bets are accepted by the system in the form of chips, and each of them has its own value.

The total cost of a small chip fully corresponds to the minimum bet, while the biggest one costs about $10. During the game, the user can place several bets at once and choose the numbers which, in his opinion, can play and allow to win. After that it is necessary to press the Spin button several times, then the movement of the ball and the wheel will start.

The main feature of the game is that it has a unique feature repeat bets, and you can do this on the former positions. Simple and clear design allows you to quickly understand the interface of the site and quickly start playing.

What types of bets exist in the game

Bets in the game are divided into only two types, they are external and internal. With the first you can independently assume where the ball will stop approximately, it can happen on the red or black sector. Such a bet is very risky and does not always bring the desired result to the player.

At the same time, the second ones describe the specific location of the ball after the wheel stops completely.

The peculiarity. External bet is that it can be performed only on a certain range of numbers, where the ball itself can stop.

Is there a demo version

If the user does not have even minimal experience playing roulette, he should practice in test mode. This feature is completely free, and to take advantage of it, you only need to complete a quick registration on the casino website.

Neon Roulette is one of the best European roulette on the market today. A large number of users, positive feedback and regular growth of players confirm it. To start playing, it is enough to pass a simple registration, make a deposit and you can bet.

There are also several ways to deposit and withdraw. Casino does not limit users in this and gives several options to choose from.

In this case, if the player has no money to deposit, he can use the demo version and play modern free of charge. The only significant disadvantage of this game is that it will be impossible to win real money and withdraw them from the deposit.

Description of strategies and tactics of this casino

In fact, classical roulette is not as simple as it seems to many at first sight. The presence of external and internal bets gives it a special interest.

Each of the two types of bets has a different degree of risk and level of prize ratio.

Let’s consider a few options in more detail:

  • A game for the desperate;

Internal single bets are the riskiest in the game. The user has to choose one number from 0 to 37. However, if his prediction turns out to be wrong, the player will lose the whole amount.

  • Minimal risk;

European roulette has a flexible betting system, thanks to which the player does not need to spend the entire deposit on a single cell.

Using a strategy of moderate risk, the player can make one or more actual bets.

  • Small steps to great heights;

Using this technique, the player should make minimal bets on those events that seem to him the most likely. In this case, the prize money will not be very large. However, if the user will accurately follow the strategy, he will be able to increase the amount of his deposit quite well.

Where can you play

This game can not be told on a laptop or installed on a smartphone. Enjoy European roulette can only be played on a virtual gambling site.

The high popularity of the provider and this slot, makes it possible to find it in almost any online casino.

So considering the factor that there is a huge amount of advertising on the Internet, you should make your choice based on the reviews of real users who have previously used the site to play.

An important factor is that the rules of the institution should be accessible and understandable, with the money credited to the account no later than 72 hours.

There are a huge number of casinos today, many of them are in fierce competition and fight for new players. For this reason, each user receives a gratitude bonus when you register on the portal and can use it in the game.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the ways of making a deposit and withdrawal. It is desirable that it was electronic wallets and bank cards. It is acceptable to have cryptocurrencies, since they are in great demand recently.

Is it possible to download the game by yourself and install it on your PC or phone?

As mentioned above, the game is only placed on online sites, and it is impossible to install it on your computer. However, do not get upset, because the developers have taken care of the users and optimized the game for smartphones.

Despite the fact that the developers received messages from the majority of users with a request to create a special application for. Unfortunately, at the moment – it is impossible. You can play online casino only on the website.

Mobile version – the rules of the game in the casino via phone:

  • You can play through absolutely any browser if you use the mobile version of the casino. To do this, be sure to log into your account or go through the full registration procedure on the site. Then you should make a deposit and you can start playing.
  • You can download the demo version of the application smartphone. The game is available for iPhone and Android users. After that, you need to log in to your account or create a new one and make a deposit. The peculiarity of the mobile application is that it can be used even if the Internet is weak.

Important! Not all games have applications for smartphones. More information can be found on the site of the specific casino.

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