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Virtual Roulette

If you are bored with the classic honeycomb with tedious spins of the reels, you should pay attention to the game Virtual Roulette. The program is developed by the studio SmartSoft Gaming and presented to gamblers in 2019. Its peculiarity is the observance of all the standard rules of classical European roulette. The minimum bet in it is only 0.5 coins. And it does not prevent from winning the Jackpot even with a small financial investment.

Virtual Roulette is developed on a modern engine. It supports work on PCs and mobile gadgets. It is possible to install the slot in the application and run through the browser version of the casino. The developers have provided a demo mode for the game. Thanks to this you can explore all the benefits of roulette without investing money from your own deposit.

Plot Virtual Roulette slot

Classic rules of European roulette in the best casinos in the world are simple and clear to players. Gamblers need to guess what will fall out after the ball stops. People are invited to guess one of several options:

  • a specific number on the roulette wheel;
  • the color of the game cell (red/black);
  • little/more;
  • odd/even number.

For this purpose, the playing field has special cells for betting. The biggest profit brought the numerical values. For them, the prize is 1:35. Betting on two adjacent numbers divides the size of the winnings in half – 1:17. Three adjacent numbers give only 1:11. Dozens and colors allow you to increase your bet at odds of 1:2. The remaining cells give 1:1 winnings.

Features and chips slot Virtual Roulette

The game Virtual Roulette has a high jackpot, which can be won at a minimum bet of 0.5 credits. To do this, you need to give preference to the right cell. Betting can be done according to any style and strategy of the game. Traditional rules typical of land-based casinos are retained here. The RTP of the slot is as high as 97.29%, which is considered to be quite a high indicator of profitability.

The design of roulette also corresponds to the tables that are in the best land-based casinos. The atmosphere is complemented by music and nice animations. Gambler is plunged into the process, forgetting about the usual routine. Top information panel contains statistics on the size of the deposit to play, the last falling out numbers. Manage the game simply. Learn the rules by heart is not necessary. The system prompts the gambler the following steps, automatically pays winnings. Even a novice can cope with the slot, first visited roulette online casino.

Virtual Roulette game for free

Get the hang of the new game is not always easy. The developers have taken into account this feature and include a demonstration mode in Virtual Roulette. You can run it without registration and SMS. Just enough to get a credit of virtual coins and put them at your discretion.

There are no time limits for betting in demo mode. Even the credit here is unlimited. If suddenly the money runs out, their balance can be replenished by simply reloading the page. Demo version roulette designed to gamblers could check the existing strategy games, think of their own, to make sure the profitability of the slot machine. This will help move painlessly to bet money from their deposit.

Strategies and tactics for the game of Virtual Roulette

The game is so popular in the world due to the fact that there is an opinion, allegedly it can calculate the probability of getting a big win. True or not, it is up to theorists to prove. Practitioners are creating and testing more and more new betting strategies. Some of them are quite effective. Here are the most basic of them, which are used by gamblers around the world:

  • Martingale. To compensate for the previous loss, you need to double the bet. Suitable for cells with a probability of winning 50/50.
  • Laboucher. The essence of the bet is to increase it after losing by a certain number. Has several stages of betting.
  • Reverse Laboucher. The principle of the game is the same as the previous strategy, only the increase in bets goes after winning.
  • Andruchi. The first 35 runs of the ball are for statistical analysis. Players write down all the falling out numbers. Of these, the most frequent results are selected. It is them, and the main bets are made for the next 20 rounds.
  • Dalembert. Purely mathematical strategy based on a progression of numbers. Guaranteed to bring small winnings.
  • Fibonacci. Using the famous arithmetic sequence of numbers for betting. In it, the number increases by the sum of the previous two numbers. Requires a considerable financial investment.

This is not a complete list of existing strategies. It can be complemented, and you can try to come up with something of your own. But remember that many mistakes made by beginners have already been described. They are better to read on specialized sites about the game of roulette.

The most common mistake – an attempt to calculate the most frequent number falling out on the wheel. It worked in some land-based casinos, when the tables were not set perfectly straight. Today, the results are given by the MSG, which is a computer algorithm with an unpredictable performance and without a certain pattern.

Where to Play Virtual Roulette

It is not difficult to find a good option, where to play slots Virtual Roulette. There are many good virtual institutions online that offer access to this machine. Not to get confused by the variety, you can visit the profile sites. They create special ratings, which take into account:

  • availability of a license;
  • the number of slot machines and slots;
  • providers with which the institution works;
  • the total RTP rate of slot machines;
  • guarantees of payment of winnings;
  • payment systems used;
  • data security;
  • expert opinion;
  • feedback from real users.

But you should not rely solely on dry statistics and the opinion of professionals. It is necessary to try the institution itself, to check its convenience and reliability. Experienced gamblers at a glance understand if you can trust an online casino. As for the newcomers should start to run roulette in demo mode, to see its performance. Additionally, it is important to go through the sections and assess the credibility of the site. Only after that should make a deposit and start betting with real money.

How to download Virtual Roulette

The beauty of online casinos is that they give 24/7 access to gambling entertainment. Thanks to this you can run Virtual Roulette whenever and wherever. Initially, the machine is designed for the browser version of gambling establishments. But many casinos are integrating roulette into their mobile applications. You can download them to your smartphone, tablet, PC. This expands the possibilities for accessing the games. Just need to ensure a stable connection to the Internet.

How to download Virtual Roulette on your computer

As a standalone application for PC Virtual Roulette is not distributed. It can be installed on your computer as part of the client online casinos. To do this, you need to find an institution with its own program. After authorization in it and making a deposit roulette will be available at any time. Gamblers can play it for free and for real money.

How to download the game Virtual Roulette on iPhone

Not difficult to figure out how to download the game Virtual Roulette for iPhone. To do this, just go to the official page of the casino with the application version for this operating system. No gambling software is added to Appstore. The program is installed through an APK file. You can also play from your mobile and tablet via the browser version of the casino.

How to download the game Virtual Roulette on Android

It is not necessary to think long about how to download the game Virtual Roulette on Android. The program is installed from the official website of a reliable online casino. There you will be able to download the installer for the mobile operating system. Just a couple of simple steps – and roulette will always be at your fingertips. If you do not want to deal with a separate application, you can always go to the casino through a browser on your smartphone.

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