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Skyliner is an innovative slot machine developed by Gaming Corps. The game has been available since July 2021 and has become a popular choice at online casinos. What makes Skyliner special is the unique game mechanics called Burst Mechanic, which adds excitement and dynamics to the gameplay

The game includes a variety of casino bonuses such as freespins, win multipliers, and special symbols that can bring additional wins. Players can enjoy the exciting graphics and soundtrack, making the gameplay more exciting

Skyliner is designed to provide an exciting gaming journey and the opportunity to win big prizes thanks to its unique mechanics and a variety of bonuses

Skyliner game review

Skyliner is a game that allows players to bet on the outcome of a round and receive potential winnings with multipliers. The game features a spinning wheel with different sectors denoting multiplier values. Players can bet on the sectors they think the wheel will fall on, leading to a potential win depending on the multiplier value

Skyliner’s gaming platform offers players the ability to view past round results and multipliers, allowing them to strategically plan their next bets. Skyliner also provides a number of features to enhance the gaming experience, including customizable betting options, interactive gameplay, and chat

During gameplay, a wheel is spun to determine the winning sectors and their corresponding multiplier values. Players who bet on winning sectors receive payouts depending on the multiplier they bet on. The results of each session are displayed on the screen, allowing players to track their progress and plan future bets

Skyliner’s gaming platform provides a dynamic and engaging experience, offering opportunities for substantial winnings through strategic betting and a range of customizable features to meet different player preferences

What to expect:

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How to play the demo version of Skyliner slot:

The demo version of Skyliner slot offers players the opportunity to try the game for free. Bet sizes in the demo version may vary depending on the online casino chosen. Various features are available in the game, including control buttons to set the bet size, trigger reel spins and activate bonus rounds

Skyliner does not support a mobile version, so the game is only available on a desktop or laptop. The game was last updated in March 2021

Players are given the opportunity to try different game modes in the demo version to evaluate the gameplay and functionality of Skyliner slot before playing for real money

Play Skyliner slot mobile version

Playing the mobile version of Skyliner slot is not available as it is implemented using JS and HTML5, and does not support mobile devices. This game was last updated on May 26, 2022. In addition, Skyliner slot is not available at 10 casinos in the US, including New Jersey

However, you can play the demo version of Skyliner slot on our website by selecting your bet size and clicking on the spin button or selecting the auto spin feature. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the game and its features before you decide to play for real money

We apologize for the inconvenience of not having a mobile version of Skyliner slot, but we hope that we will be able to provide this feature to our players in the near future