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How to play roulette for money in online casinos

One of the most popular gambling games is considered roulette for money. Nowadays, you can play roulette at online casinos from any gadget and at any time. Virtual gambling clubs offer both classic versions of roulette and non-standard types of games. This gambling entertainment allows to win worthy sums, but before making bets, one should carefully study the rules and understand the very device of roulette.

What is roulette in online casinos

Virtual roulette has no fundamental differences from traditional roulette. The mechanism is based on the issuance of random numbers, which in the software is called a random number generator (RNG). Betting and spinning the reel occurs automatically, the player only needs to press the buttons. How does roulette work?

  • The video roulette game mechanism is a wheel with black and red cells with numbers from 00 (0) to 36;
  • Depending on the type of game, a table with fields for betting begins with a zero or double zero;
  • the bet is determined by the gambler and starts the wheel by pressing the button;
    The winning number is determined by which cell the ball hits

Developers produce a huge number of video roulette, among which are the classics – European, American and French. To play for money honestly, it is important to choose proven sites where only licensed software is placed.

How to play roulette in online casinos

The general principle is that the player needs to guess in which cell the ball will end up after stopping the rotation. You make bets, then start the wheel. If the participant loses, the chips go to the income of the casino. For all winning combinations of money are credited to the player’s account automatically. The rules of each particular game are placed in a special section. You can also use the demo version to learn the rules and test different strategies. The trial version does not require registration and deposit, all the money is virtual and issued to the player only for the duration of the free session. Online casinos provide newcomers with welcome bonuses in the form of increased deposits, free spins, and promo codes. These opportunities allow you to win without losing your money. Also, sites hold promotions and offer bonuses to previously registered active participants.

Игровое поле

Types of roulette at online casinos

Video roulette is usually presented at online casinos in three formats: European, American and French. All of them have similar principles, but also have differences – for example, the gameplay and the percentage advantage of the gambling establishment.

European Roulette

This is the most popular version, which can be played at any gambling site. It is considered to be traditional and it is the best way to start acquaintance with roulettes in general. The wheel consists of 36 sectors and a zero – a total of 37 cells. You place a bet, try to guess one or more numbers correctly, and if you win, you take your money. The advantage in favor of the casino is 2.7%. At the same time, the payout percentage in this roulette is quite high – more than in other slots.

Европейская рулетка

American Roulette

The difference between American roulette and European roulette is that in addition to one zero on the playing field has a cell with two zeros. Accordingly, there are no longer 37 cells, but 38. Double zero reduces the player’s chances of winning in favor of the casino. You can bet on the numbers, color and 5 fields at the same time. The advantage in favor of the casino is 5.26%, so the American version is not as popular as the European one, because losing money here is much easier. However, American roulette suits lovers of thrill and adrenaline. The theoretical return rate in American roulette is 94.74%.

Американская рулетка

French Roulette

The playing field is the same as in the European – a total of 37 cells, which have 26 numbers and one zero. The differences are in the rules, for example, when the zeros roll, 50% of the bet goes to the player. Also, when the ball hits zero, you can block half of the bet and resume with the next spin of the wheel. Due to this option, the house advantage is only 1.35%, which makes the French roulette the most profitable way to play for money compared to the others.

Французская рулетка

The device of the real roulette

In order to understand the principle of video roulette, it is a good idea to understand how real roulette is structured. This information is interesting in itself, plus, important if you plan to participate in live tournaments.


This is the main part of the roulette, which is a fixed element made of precious wood. The diameter of the boiler is 90 cm, its surface is carefully sanded and varnished. The main thing is that the part is perfectly smooth and there are no rough edges on it. In the center of the boiler is installed spindle, on which are fixed rotating part and turret, where there is a recess for a spare ball. To keep the ball from flying out, there is a bend at the top on the rim of the boiler. Below there is an inclined surface – the apron, on which the deflectors are mounted. There are cheaper variations made of plastic, but prestigious casinos choose only wooden models.


To make the throw of the ball unpredictable, deflectors – diamond-shaped metal elements, also called diamonds, slats or pins, are installed on the apron. Deflectors are arranged symmetrically – vertical elements alternate with horizontal ones. That is, when you throw the ball passes not only through the track and apron, but also through the deflectors, and only then hits the rotor and the pocket with the number. There are 8 deflectors installed on modern wheels.


This is the spinning part of the wheel with a diameter of about 50 cm. The massive weight of the part ensures smooth rotation and good speed. The rotor is mounted with a bearing on the spindle in the center of the wheel.


The cells with numbers where the ball hits are called pockets. European roulette has 37 sectors – 36 numbered and one “zero”. Pockets are separated from each other by metal partitions. The numbers are not arranged chaotically, but in a certain order, based on the algorithm of Blaise Pascal. Black and red colors are arranged alternately. The design of the partitions can be different. The most common variant is when only the pockets are divided, and there are no distinctions between the numbers on top.

The ball

A ball weighing about 6 grams is thrown in a clockwise direction, with the wheel spinning in the opposite direction. Previously, ivory was used to make this item, which was considered valuable and prestigious. Now ivory has been replaced by plastic or Teflon, and it is more reasonable and economical. Predict in advance what hole the ball will fall into is impossible – the very device of the wheel is quite complex and is equipped with deflectors, on which the ball hits. Outside the game the ball is stored in a special safe in order to eliminate any manipulation of the product by the dealer, which could affect the result of the game. All parts of the design should be carefully adjusted and work without errors. In addition, in real casinos, the rotors of different roulettes periodically change between each other.

General roulette rules and tactics

To play roulette for money, it is important to know the rules well. There are 37 or 38 cells with numbers on the wheel. Bets are accepted on a ruled table. The whole point is to guess in what sector will be the ball. Bets can be external, internal, verbal and special. For example, an inside bet “to the number” is placed on one number and has a payout ratio of 1:35. “Split” is bet on two numbers and has a payout ratio of 1:17. An outside “dozen” bet is placed on 12 numbers, the payout ratio is 1:2.

Виды ставок и правила игры You can always learn the rules of a particular roulette for money with types of bets in a special section. In addition, you have the opportunity to play the free version. Of course, experienced players use a number of strategies that increase the chances of winning money. Among the common strategies are:

  • The Martingale tactic is to double the bets after each loss. Initially, the player puts small amounts, but in the case of loss doubles their size. The idea is that if the bet following the loss wins, the lost amount is returned. The system applies to bets on red or black, even or odd.
  • Dalembert Tactics. Selects the minimum bet, the size of which will also be a step to increase it. After losing the player increases the bet by one step. After winning, on the contrary, the bet size is reduced by one step. Additionally, when winning, the value changes – if you bet on red, now you have to bet on black.
  • The tactic for one number. Means that the player will bet on one number until he wins. Typically, this tactic is used in combination with others and not from the beginning of the game, for example, after 10 or 20 spins.

Of course, it should be remembered that people come to the gambling establishment not to make money, but to have a good time. Concentrating on earning, it is always more difficult to take a loss, the game becomes tense and the risk of losing money increases. Experienced gamblers advise new entrants not to bet on a particular number, because the probability of winning is negligible. Most likely, you will lose all your chips.

Guaranteeing the fairness of the roulette game

Just how fair the roulette for money game is depends on the online casino you choose. To do this, make sure the site has an online gambling license issued in countries such as Curacao, Malta, UK, Denmark, Belgium or Costa Rica. Information about the license is publicly available on the site. If you cannot find the information you need, contact support. The fairness of roulette for money also depends on where the software is downloaded from. Licensed casinos place video games downloaded from official providers’ servers.

What roulette winnings are

Casino winnings depend not only on luck, but also on the type of roulette and the chosen tactics of the game. For example, American roulette has a 00 cell, which reduces the chances of winning. If you want to win, choose the European or French version. The biggest winnings come for betting on a number. If you get the number you wish to win, you get the stake multiplied by 36 times. The probability of such winning is not high, experienced players recommend combining bets on numbers with bets on simple odds, where the winning amount is less, but the probability of getting the money is higher.

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